Before and After: My Bedroom


This is a photo of my bedroom that was taken soon after we moved in.  Sad. Ugly. Dingy.  The wallpaper from the 1970’s was badly stained (how do you even manage to get stains on your walls? Oh, and I won’t even go into the blood splatters that were found on the walls in the hallway and in two of the bedrooms… )  There’s no closet and it’s the smallest of the three bedrooms.  It was a flashback to this sad, but true story:  One year in college I rented a house with four of my friends.  It was a cute bungalow with four bedrooms and a large semi-finished basement that was the fifth bedroom.  I thought for sure one of the boys I was going to be living with would want the basement, you know, because it could be like a man cave.  I was the last one to arrive on moving day and everyone had already picked out their bedrooms and I was stuck with the basement.  As I descended down into the depths of this dark, dank hell, all I could think of was the last time I had been down those stairs.  This had been a notorious party house and I had fuzzy memories of a crowded, sticky floored basement filled with college kids. and a band. and kegs. and I was going to be living down here. dear god, no.  My parents came to the rescue with a van load of furniture and turned it into my own underground apartment, so that was kind of cool.  They made it bearable, but I still have a bit of ugly, creepy bedroom post traumatic stress disorder that surfaced when I saw this sad, little room.  Okay, enough of reliving those painful memories, let’s get back to the present!

This was a seriously depressing room, so to cheer it up a bit I painted it:


Even though it’s dark, it’s a cheerful and warm dark.  Maybe it’s my high school goth side emerging mid-life, but right now I need a room that envelopes me in soothing darkness.  Now, it’s like my own little caccoon that makes me happy every time I walk in.




To really up the cozy factor I painted the ceiling the same color and I love the results.





So, one of the worst rooms in the house is now one of my favorites!  I’m still not completely recovered from my basement bedroom PTSD because there’s a couple more bedrooms (while I don’t have to sleep in them, I do have to look at them everyday!) that are fairly creepy (they had the blood splattered walls!), but rest assured they are also getting a dark and cheerful makeover-stay tuned!




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12 Responses to Before and After: My Bedroom

  1. jwa says:

    what paint color did you use?


  2. iamcosmos says:

    Love your blog! And the transformation of your apartment!


  3. Anna says:

    Wow… I’m in love with that paint color. This may be the shade I end up painting my bedroom! Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Anna says:

    And what finish is it? Thanks 🙂


  5. SScott says:

    Very nice! I actually very much like the look of that paint on the paper. Well done.


  6. Alex says:

    Hey there! Is this a new blog? I am already enjoying your writing style and am looking forward to reading more. Also, did you paint all sides of the room? I will also be brightening my room by painting it all white, to start. Then am considering painting two adjacent walls black, ha!


    • Alex, this is a newish blog. I started it this summer, but haven’t kept up with it…Thanks for your kind words-you’ve motivated me to post more often! And yes, i did paint all sides of the room, including the crown molding and ceiling. I love the idea of painting just a couple walls black and would love to hear how it turns out!


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