Another Bedroom Makeover Sneak Peak

IMG_4469This is a photo of the fireplace in my oldest daughter’s bedroom.  How did she get the biggest bedroom in the house with a fireplace and closet?  And I’m sharing the smallest bedroom with a four year old and no closet???  It doesn’t seem quite right, but my bedroom has a door that opens to an upstairs balcony that we share with our duplex neighbors, and I think everyone is the boogeyman just waiting to whisk away my children.  So I took one for the team and wound up with the tiny bedroom with access to a crumbling, very unsafe, unusable balcony. Anyways, this bedroom had lovely, baby poop colored trim and of course had some horribly stained wallpaper like the rest of the house.  Now, a few people actually liked this wallpaper and thought it had a vintage charm to it, but it really was ugly, so it had to be painted.  This wallpaper had a textured finish and thick seams that are more noticeable painted,  but it’s definitely an improvement!IMG_4468-2

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5 Responses to Another Bedroom Makeover Sneak Peak

  1. “an improvement” ?! That’s an understatement ! The wall is gorgeous, and the rest of the room becomes so by association, like those times in front of the fireplace. Love, love !


  2. Helena says:

    Picking out fabric and styles which will last from toddlerhood
    into childhood is very challenging.


  3. Maribeth says:

    Beautiful! What paint color did you go with?


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