Apartment Therapy

Anybody that knows me really well, knows that Apartment Therapy is my all time most favorite website ever. Ever.  When it was just starting out around 2006 I stumbled upon it and have pretty much visited  every day since.  There is something so satisfying about a good before and after, and I love getting a peek into all of those wonderful homes.    So, the other day I thought, “Why not send in a before and after of my bedroom?”  I sent it off and lo and behold, the following day I had an email in my inbox from an editor letting me know that they would be sharing it in the next month.  Well, I pretty much stopped breathing and almost passed out, and I said to the people I was with, “Omg, Apartment Therapy is going to share the before and after of my bedroom!!!” and they were all like, “What’s Apartment Therapy?” Oh those poor, sad souls.  How do you survive without viewing pretty pictures of houses everyday? I don’t even know.  So anyways, it was such a thrill to go to my fav website the next day and see my little room! But, there was one thing I knew I had to be prepared for: the comments.  If you’re an AT reader then you know how people will find something, anything to crucify.  I just wasn’t prepared for what mine would be.  It was my pillows.  My “flat” “depressing” “dingy” pillows.  I have always, as long as I can remember, slept with two, flat pillows.  I had to reassure all the pillow haters that I did not suffer from neck problems and that I actually sleep really well on those freaking flat pillows.

IMG_4284This is the after picture I sent.  I did a little rearranging with the side tables and added some plants I had just repotted.  And you know what? Looking at this picture, the pillows really do look like they are wearing pillowcases that are way too big for them.  Like they are little baby pillows playing dress up with their mom’s pillowcases.  Weird.  Also, some people thought I needed a headboard.  I have put a lot of thought into this since I first painted the room and I’m still not sure what I want.  At first I was thinking of a wood headboard and found a mid century one, but it was pricey and it was just a headboard that I would have to find a way to screw into the wall (plaster with brick behind it=not fun to deal with).  I think a tall upholstered headboard in linen or velvet would look great, but for now a washi tape banner from Beatrix’s birthday will work!

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