Dining Room Before and After


This is a photo of the dining room taken the day I met my landlord to tour the apartment.   I promise I didn’t take a crummy photo on purpose-you know, to make it look so much better in the after.  There were lots of random toys scattered around that the previous tenants had left behind, and I’m not sure why the oven was hanging out in the dining room??

I couldn’t handle the red carpet that covered the whole first floor and the stairs, so out it went!  You can’t tell from the photo just how disgusting it really was, but trust, it was totally grody.


Okay, this is what the dining room looked like a couple months after moving in.  The table was teeny tiny (3ft. x 3ft.), so small that we couldn’t all sit together to eat dinner.  And the chaise lounge looks good there in front of the windows, but was not very functional.  It was rock hard, even with the sheepskin, so nobody really wanted to lounge around on it…


So, I replaced the little, baby table with a huge 8ft. long giant table.  We can all comfortably sit together for dinner and there’s tons of room for art projects, homework, and friends to join us.  There is this weird hole that you can see on the tabletop and that’s because in its former life it was a work table at Indiana University.  I picked it up for $50 at the IU Surplus Store (run to your nearest university surplus store-you can find the most amazing things!) and recently refinished it because it was a mess.

Looking at the photos, I think that I actually liked how the dining room looked before I brought in the big table and replaced the chaise lounge with a sofa.  But, the room works so much better for us now.  I’m thinking the white shelves need to be painted the same color as the walls, but I’m also considering painting the walls a darker color.  I do like the color a lot, but it feels kinda wishy washy.

P1040386Here you can see the tapered legs of the table.  When I bought it, we were still living at our old house in Bloomington, and I had absolutely no room for it.  I was determined to use it some day so was thrilled when it fit so perfectly in our new dining room!

Now, I feel like I need to go and immediately change around paintings, plants, etc, so it looks similar to how it looked in the earlier photo.  Even when I have a room just right and love how it looks, I can’t help myself from rearranging-it’s a sickness I tell you!

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